How Play Is A Vital Aspect Of Childhood Essay

How Play Is A Vital Aspect Of Childhood Essay

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From the readings this week and observing children interacting in different settings, I learned that play is a vital aspect of childhood. From play children learn about themselves, they learn social skills, problem-solving skills and get somewhat of an understanding of life. The play is also beneficial it teaches children to make choices and to conform to social norms.
According to Cook; Klein; Chen; (2012) when it comes to “promoting social and emotional development” it helps kids to become more emotionally secure and develop a healthy “sense of self” (Cook, Klein, & Chen, 2012, p. 193). Upon my observation of the father and his ten months old I noticed that there was an attachment whenever he would put her down or attempt to walk away to grab something such as the when the phone rang, and the lady came over with her baby she did not want him to leave. I can tell she was afraid when she saw the strange woman she only stopped crying when he picked her up. According to Cook; Klein; Chen; (2012) “infants are thought to become securely attached to their caregivers when have been there to provide comfort and reassurance during times of distress” (Cook, Klein, & Chen, 2012, p. 194). Girl A did not feel comfortable when the lady came over with her baby I can tell she immediately wanted her dad attention. Cook; Klein; Chen; (2012) also mentions that with emotional strength and healthy autonomy, they begin to develop useful social skills (Cook, Klein, & Chen, 2012, p. 209).
The readings and observations did not change what I thought I knew it just enhanced my thoughts on what play does for children. Over the years, I have thought that play helped children learn, compared to another teacher I worked with many years ago I will never for...

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...ble to interact in society as they get older because they are not able to interact with peers and explore their surrounding. There are different types of play, which each child will part take in each one at some point.

When children master the world around them, play help kids gain new skills which improve self-confidence kids would acquire when confronted with future challenges. When play is allowed to be child focused, they practice basic leadership skills, move at a different rate; they find areas that interest them, and they should be allowed to engage fully in various areas. When adults control play, children will lose interest and the significant advantages it offers such as creating inventiveness, initiative, being able to participate in different group settings. Play should be unstructured at times as well because it can increase physical actions in kids.

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