How Physical Fitness Improves The Quality Of Your Life Essay

How Physical Fitness Improves The Quality Of Your Life Essay

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At IHS we will offer many types of physical fitness. Being physically fit is significant to enhance the quality of your life. Physical fitness improves the immune system, strengthens joints, bones, and muscles. Doing activities that help you become fit are necessary for muscle development and the function of the lungs and heart (Lee, Burgeson, Fulton, & Spain, 2007).
Some of the opportunities for physical activity schools can provide according to this article are recess, physical activity breaks, interscholastic sports, and intramural sports. A study was done using computer-assisted personal interviews and mailed questionnaires in 50 states, to determine the policies of physical activities, programs and school physical education programs at the state, district, school and classroom levels. The study was conducted for the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention on School health policies and programs (Burgeson, Fulton, & Spain (2007).
According to the article by Burgeson, Fulton, & Spain (2007), physical activity programs in early education settings can help promote a lifelong pattern of physical health. Increased physical activity can help eliminate or reduce the risks of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer in adults. The article discusses numerous ways schools can implement policies and programs at the state, district, school and classroom level to help increase participation of students in more physical activities. Data was collected via the methods discussed above to help schools improve their efforts to engage children in physical activities that could also help them later in life (Burgeson, Fulton, & Spain (2007).
The article by Burgeson, Fulton, & Spain (2007) concludes that initiatives at each level are necessa...

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... provide choice contraception to students. A study done by Jennifer Fulwiler, (2012) claims that giving women free contraception reduces the pregnancy rates, and therefore abortion rates. “The results are based on the Contraceptive Choice Project, in which researchers from the Washington School of Medicine offered over 9,000 women in St. Louis age 14 and older, free contraception of their choosing”. The story is making headlines in the media and “often cited as a triumph for the ideas behind the Health and Human Services mandate”(Jennifer Fulwiler, 2012).
Designing the ideal high school that fits each students’ needs is a complicated matter. Children are complicated little growing humans. Individualized educational programs is the ideal way. The ideal high school I have designed outlines an ideal way of teaching, learning, and growing thru the maze we call life.

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