How Physical Appearance Affects Dating Essay

How Physical Appearance Affects Dating Essay

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“Don’t judge a book by its cover” has been a metaphorical quote to express that people should not judge others based on their looks but to look beyond their outer appearance. Physical appearance has played a major role in the dating world. Many studies have been conducted on both women and men on what attracts them to a potential mate. Research that has taken place over time, pin point what men and women are attracted to and how much physical appearance is factored in. Collectively, men are generally attracted to certain features on women physically as well as women are to men. Ultimately, physical appearance is the most important factor when it comes to dating.
Each study that Patzer discusses in his book “Looks: Why They Matter More Than You Ever Imagined” has ultimately led to physical appearance being rated the highest factor when it comes to dating. Jennifer Eagan of “The New York Times Magazine” interviewed many online daters and through her research, she concluded that what the person looked like mattered more than the person’s values and common goals. Furthermore, “the major difference between the sexual strategies of men and women, then, is that women demand stability and commitment in a relationship, whereas men prefer variety” (Patzer 29). Due to this, women have been able to actuate variety by changing their physical appearance. The change of hair color and length, use of cosmetics, and a change in clothing are ways women have been able to become adept to what men want. Professors Ed Edmonds and Delwin Cahoon conducted a study to comprehend what clothing items women wore would sexually arouse men. Conclusively, women who seek male attraction will dress accordingly to induce male attraction. A study conducted by a te...

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