How Patient Centred Care Can Help Maintain The Dignity Of Patients Essay

How Patient Centred Care Can Help Maintain The Dignity Of Patients Essay

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This essay will explain what patient centred care is, how nurses use it in practice, the benefits of using it, and the barriers that need to be overcome to able to use it, and the key principles of patient centred care. It will explain how patient centred care enables nurses to communicate and engage with the patients in a more effective way, and how it helps understand the uniqueness of each patient, which helps professionals avoid ‘warehousing’ patients (treating them all the same). It will also demonstrate how this type of care can help maintain the dignity of patients when nurses carry out tasks such as personal care.
The Health Foundation describes patient centred care as being a type of health system where patients take control of their own care. This can be achieved by ensuring the patient has all the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about their care, and are able to decide for themselves if they choose to have someone act as their advocate. This type of care allows patients and nurses to work together to provide care which suits the individual’s life style, preferences and abilities (Dr Silva, 2014). It can also be known as person centred care.
According to the Nursing and midwifery council there are many principles to patient centred care, four of which are:
• Respect and dignity
• Competence
• Communication
• Patient involvement
These are important in ensuring that the patient receives a high quality of care, and without these principles, it would not be an effective form of care.
Respect and Dignity
Respect and dignity work together to provide patient centred care. Respect is vital in nursing practice as it shows the patient that the nurse values them as an individual. Being respectful is about not bein...

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...hours in practice every year to be able to continue being registered on the NMC the following year. These hours can be accumulated through paid or unpaid work. If these hours are not completed within the year due to circumstances such as maternity or sick leave, an approved return to practice course will need to be successfully completed before the person can renew their registration. 35 hours of learning activity must be completed three years prior to a person renewing their registration. Both of these requirements ensure that nurse’s knowledge is up-to-date, and they retain a high level of competence. This is important because over time, new drugs are used, and new methods of treatment are introduced. If the nurses knowledge was not up-to-date they may give someone the wrong treatment or a wrong drug dosage, and this could be dangerous for the patients (NMC 2011).

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