Essay on How Parents Can Work And Still Run The Home

Essay on How Parents Can Work And Still Run The Home

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How to be A Working Parent
Having had a mother that was a hard worker, it was instilled in my siblings and me at an early age that some parents has to work to earn a living. Being that we were brought up in a single parent home where there was a lot of sisters and brothers, it was imperative that my mother obtained employed in order for her to support the family. Many women must work to support their family because the male counterparts are absent from the home, or if they are there they do the bare minimum. Therefore; being a working parent has its ups and downs. In this paper I will discuss ways parents can work and still run the home.
I will also discuss the benefits of a parent or parents working, things the working parents can do to help minimize some of the stress as it relates to caring for the children and holding down a full time job. Working parents must utilize their money wisely in order to survive. Many years ago some women did not work outside of the home. They nurtured and took care of the children, cooked the food, cleaned the house, sewed and mended the clothes, and...

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