Essay about How Osu Students Interact Socially On Campus

Essay about How Osu Students Interact Socially On Campus

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The University is nationally ranked among the best public universities and is also number one in Ohio. Ohio State is a university containing around 50,000 students. The main campus in Columbus is around 2,000 acres and contains many public student hangouts. Students engage in student life while they interact, connect, and socialize on campus through a multitude of activities. The popular locations where students hang out on campus are the oval, High Street, the libraries, Mirror Lake, and recreational centers. These locations are where most of the social interactions between students take place.
Being students at the university we were drawn to the inter-workings of the social interactions of our fellow classmates. Learning about these interactions on campus can help us to understand why, where, and how students do their socializing on campus.

The goal of this project is to learn about how OSU students interact socially on campus, and how these social interactions affect students. The main research questions asked were:
How do students interact with other people in a different social setting: on the roads, sidewalks, open spaces, and in the classrooms?
What is the appropriate social behavior when OSU students interact, study or do leisure activities?
What do people define what is an inappropriate behavior on the OSU campus and why?
How do formal/informal rules of behavior help students to navigate their life on campus?

To begin the research project we observed the social interactions of random people on campus over the time span of thirty to sixty minutes. The locations that we observed were the RPAC, Thompson Library, the Cafe in Knolton Hall, football practice, and the Union. The data ...

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...e when people invaded their personal space. All together we learned that if you respect boundaries and unspoken rules on campus other students will respect you and you will not run into any unpleasant social interactions.
Looking back at our larger goals that we started with at the beginning of this process, from our research we learned a lot about the interactions occurring between the OSU population of students on campus. We discovered that students rely on technology as a social buffer, so that they do not have to have a face to face confrontation. Depending on the form of transportation that students are using, their opinions of the other commuters will change in a negative manner. Studying other students has taught us that college students tend to be aware of the social expectations on campus, regardless of whether they follow them themselves or not.

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