How Open Source Ofbiz Framework Essay

How Open Source Ofbiz Framework Essay

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In today 's business, companies are progressively looking for flexibility, cost savings and efficiency in the business applications they obtain. The progressive competition has driven companies to look for new ways to accomplish and stay competitive. In this IT leading business environment, staying on the forefront of new technology acts as an facilitator for companies to gain effectiveness and efficiency to face the competition.
The importance of this research is to help other researchers to know how Open Source Ofbiz framework offers business processes components for a business firm. It will also help them to assess whether Ofbiz framework is suitable for small businesses.
I chose to research on this topic to find out whether Ofbiz framework can provide good quality system to small businesses and for that matter programmers and how the components within the Ofbiz communicate and how to create new components to communicate with the existing components to bring about business automation processes. This system would be implemented by creating new components based on the Ofbiz framework to suit the requirements of the business firm.
1.1 Background of the study

The capital and financing services platform would be given a common name throughout this research which is SKD Capital . The name of the system is the name of the business firm. The business was set up to intermediate transactions between customers and banks. At times banks look for pre-loan procedures to loan agencies to decrease the load and let the agencies take up the information from customers and validate it before it is being dispatched to the bank to approve the loan.
SKD Capital is an application which assist a customer to apply for a loan from on-line and to ...

... middle of paper ...

...ment of the study
SKD Capital is a small business that provides working capital loans and financing services such as Equipment financing, corporate financing, small business loans, vendor financing, capital equipment financing and corporate business loans to its customers. It also serves as a loan approval agency that links customers and banks together for business. Customers always come to the office to ask for information and apply for the above named services.SKD Capital, then wants to avoid or to reduce such manual way to save time and cost. So its needs a system which will automate their business processes such as whereby customers will easily have access to all information and also apply online whether for loan or financing. SKD Capital, as a business firm also need the system to approve customers loan applications before forwarding their details to the banks.

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