How Old World Slavery Diverged From The Atlantic Slave Trade? Essays

How Old World Slavery Diverged From The Atlantic Slave Trade? Essays

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Short Answer
1. Explain two ways that ‘Old World’ slavery differed from the Atlantic Slave Trade?
a. Old World slavery differed from the Atlantic Slave Trade because in the institution of old world slavery, race and gender were not the main factors when determining who was to be enslaved.
In the Atlantic Slave Trade, young African males were the most desirable to enslave because they were seen as strong and able-bodied to get a lot of work done.
In old world slavery, Slavic and Caucasian rather than black individuals were commonly seen as slaves, and young girls and women were the most desirable to enslave, because the owner was able to take sexual advantage of his female slaves.

Long Answer
2. From the moment of capture, throughout the Middle Passage, and upon arriving in the Americas, enslaved black people continually resisted their capture and exploitation. Explain the various ways that slaves resisted.
Throughout the middle passage and while on the slave ships, the captured would often use music as a form of protest. Usually sung in their native language so the sailors could not understand, they would sing of mistreatment and the awful conditions under which they were living. Their lyrics sometimes turned heart wrenching, as they sang about the pain of being taken from their families and their homes, and the horrors of enslavement.
“The Atlantic slave trade was, in many senses, a four-hundred-year hunger strike.” Says Markus Rediker about the rebellious act of slaves refusing to eat. Since slaves were considered valuable cargo, every captive that didn’t reach their destination was money lost. Hunger strikes among slaves often lead to death. Because of this, sailors and captains would often force-feed or seve...

... middle of paper ... mountainous or swampy areas that were probably very difficult to make a life in. I view this as relevant to the course, especially at this point, because we are beginning to cover the topic of abolition and freedom. Maroons played a big role in the freedom of slaves.

Latin American Dependency Theory: The Latin American Dependency theory states that European colonization in Latin America led to the long-term underdevelopment of the continent. This resulted in dependency on outside powers that is still present today. This dependency and under-development of Latin America resulted in: no local industry, limited local infrastructure, and economies that strictly relied on plantations. This is significant to the course because, along with learning about slavery, we are also touching on the economies and struggles of the Americas throughout the Atlantic Slave Trade.

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