How Obesity Affects Children 's Health Essay

How Obesity Affects Children 's Health Essay

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Children Obesity:
How obesity affects children 's health?
One out of every five children in the U. S. become either overweight or obese.Being young and overweight is not a good lifestyle to live.You end up having an unhealthy life when you get older. Being young with obesity is more likely to have more risk factors in life from keeping you from living your lifestyle and also keep fighting diseases their whole life.

How to prevent Obesity in children?
There are a lot of ways you can prevent obesity. I think the number one thing of preventing obesity are the parents choices for their children. Parents need to help their children from becoming obese and help them eat healthy and to be outside playing instead of playing video/computer games all the time.This can lower the risk of becoming obese. Keeping your children healthy by not letting them do nothing and do not feed them a lot of fast food. Another way to prevent obesity is cut down on the calories and to help keep your child active on physical activities. Come up with ideas to keep them active like adding physical activities for the whole family to do together. Limiting the time of watching tv, playing video games and being on the internet it will help keep your child safe and healthy from becoming obese.

How obesity is cause in children and teens?
Obesity in children and teens are caused by laziness and overeating all the time. Most children and teens today are lazy and do not want to do anything but sit inside all day in which will cause them to become overweight. According to the site of “Preventing Obesity in Children” the most common causes of being becoming overweight or obesity are due to the lack genetic factors like physical exercise, and unhealthy eating ...

... middle of paper ... at the current pace”.(Obesity and the Rising Cost of Healthcare in America).

Obesity has affect the health care plan in the U.S. a lot more that any other treatment for disease. This is the major problem that the U.S. has to take care of more than anything. “It has direct medical cost on preventive, diagnostic, and treatment services.”(Causes and Consequences).

What is the most expensive thing thats bring up the cost of the medical is obesity not old people. People who are obese are the one raising the medical cost for everyone. According to Olga Khazan, “About 85% of the medical cost are spent on people younger than 65 for obesity not on the older people but on the younger obese people.” Now If thats bad obesity cost more than 72% of just prescription drugs(Steven Reinberg). Only way to reduce the cost of medical is to try and prevent obesity raising more.

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