How Not Recycling as Much as Possible Harms the Consumers Essay

How Not Recycling as Much as Possible Harms the Consumers Essay

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Recycling is the process of collecting materials that are often considered trash and remanufacturing them into new products that can be resold and used again. Glass, paper, plastic, and metals such as aluminum and steel are all common recycled stuff. Based on the website Approximately 60% of our rubbish thrown away today could be recycled. But what we can see today are people throw 99% of the rubbish away without recycling. When this continues more and more rubbish will be collected and all this need years to dissolve. Most people still not aware of the seriousness of not recycling and the harm that will affect them, it is because they still leave in they comfortable zone but when the day come they will be no turning back.

Most people think that waste is useless, dirty and meaningless but with the help of technology to do recycling it can help us gain some extra money and also cut cost by buying plastic bag to pack waste. Oh well for housewife, beside just throw away the waste change it to receive money for turning in certain recyclable products. Other than that to those who are jobless due to the economy crisis, they can try to apply for job created in the waste management and disposal industries, thousand and thousand jobs has been offered every year the matter is people have to try not be too choosy, although the job is not so high pay but the job are so meaningful not just for our self but for all and living expenses can be no problem if we work hard as everything starts at zero cost and no quality is considered. Everything is about hardmanship and quantity.

Recycling is a new world for our next generation. Imagine everything turn into waste after used. Nature is the source of every...

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...eople just do not know how to appreciate the give. They seem not to care about the environment anymore and just selfish take care of his own and worse come to worse, when human do many kind of thing to harm the environment. Most of people are only awake when natural disaster had happed and affected on they love one and the people. They are already many pollution been created but only by recycling creating a net reduction of air pollution and water pollution.

Since long ago, all our waste are been throw away in a wrongly form with will effect the environment and also human themselves. Why should we kill our own self by our hand? The change needed must be in human action today in order to ensure a bright tomorrow an only by making recycling a compulsory for all. Only with this our world will be save and our next generation will learn all the great value of live.

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