How Nature Plays A Bigger Impact On Individuals Or If Nature? Essay

How Nature Plays A Bigger Impact On Individuals Or If Nature? Essay

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For many year’s people have been trying to determine if nurture has a bigger impact on individuals or if nature does. Many people cannot decide because both aspects play a role in making us the person we are today. Nurture is the ability for us to be loved and given the opportunity to grow and develop. If we did not have nurture in our lives we would not be able to grow, and we would not be able to understand the concept of caring or loving someone. This is a key part of child development. Nature is the ability for are biological traits to influence who we are as a person. This is why many people believe that nature plays a bigger role. Until we understand which characteristics come from what we will never be able to understand which is more important.
Once someone understand the characteristics that come from nature they will be able to understand that we need nurture to become a successful human being. According to Kendra Cherry, “the characteristics that come from nature are skin color, eye color, hair color, genetic disease, and sometimes height can be influenced” (Cherry, 2016). If these are some of the characteristics that come from nature, why would this help us become functional human beings? Nature is basic genetic characteristics while nurture is how you socialize in front of people. If a child is born with a learning disability they will still be able to function because nurture gives them the abilities to cope with the disability. If we did not have nurture, the child would struggle because they would not have outside help to show them that they can get past this biological affect. Kendra Cherry states, “the characteristics that come from nurture are learned behavior from others or taught behavior by parents” (Cher...

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...depressed. Therefore, we need some type of interaction with humans to fill the void of being alone. This interaction helps others find their true self because of the lessons they learn from their peers and the rules their parents teach them. As a result, to have a flourishing life others must have some type of interaction so they can be taught how to act, to speak, and to treat others. It is proven that when babies are born they need the interaction so they can start to develop a sense of the language. If we did not have nurture, we would be left with no culture and language. In order to have an identity we need to be in culture and to have a culture we need people to teach us the ends and outs about life. In the end, we need both, but nurture affects us every day because we interact with others whether that be talking face to face or scrolling through the internet.

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