How Nativism Focuses On The Change Throughout Time Essay

How Nativism Focuses On The Change Throughout Time Essay

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The aspects that nativism focuses on the change throughout time. Nativism is the extreme opposition of a minority based on the majority’s perception of the minority being foreign and endangering their way of life. (Hingham, 2002) Nativism is based on the fears that the majority population has. If we were able to look into the future it is reasonable to believe that issues that Americans hold dearest and seek to protect would be much more different than the ones that we care about currently. It is important then to keep in mind these fears are often focused on minority groups that very rarely have anything to do with the issue and more importantly a way to protect themselves. As we look at nativism’s progress through American history we will see it becomes more focused on particular minority groups as well as a more useful political tool.
Nativism pre-civil war was centered on Anti-Catholicism. This is because the majority protestant population was unable to accept Catholics into their society. However, the main contribution to these sentiments was due to a religious dispute between the English and the Catholic monarchs. The nativist sentiment was brought to a head when the followers of the church began to appear even more foreign. (Hingham, 2002). Other themes that were pervasive around this time were anti-radicalism and racial nativism. Anti-radicalism was based in the idea that foreigners were more likely to over through their stable government. Racial nativism was formed from the idea that the original immigrants to the United States were of Anglo-Saxon decent. Many Americans found that this was a very important distinction to be made. It gave Americans a sense of superiority over those who did not look like them. This racial...

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...ty or state limits. These laws cannot be arbitrarily enacted and must have a reason other than to rid themselves of unwanted people. Measures like the parking restrictions in Escondido, CA. were nothing more than an attempt to make it more difficult for multifamily homes which consisted primarily of Mexicans to live in the city (Martinez, 2015).
The fact that Americans have a group people for who they can blame for many issues which are why nativist sentiments have grown within the United States so easily. These illegal immigrants, unauthorized aliens, Mexicans are the one who bear the brunt of nativism and it is fueled by racism. Unfortunately, many of these people lack a voice with which they can protect themselves. The scope which these people are targeted will be trained on them until someone does something about how immigration is perceived in the United States.

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