How My Writing Skills Have Developed Throughout The Years Essay

How My Writing Skills Have Developed Throughout The Years Essay

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The question of “what is my purpose in writing,” could be for the most part a very broad question to understand, but when it comes to actually answering the question; I think of how my writing skills have developed throughout the years. When I think of writing overall, I normally think of the people who have creatively designed novels, poems, plays, screenwriting, and maybe even comics and movies. The purpose of my writing is to be successfully able to write at a much clearer and understanding pace, especially when it comes to writing essays and papers for classes. I believe that is very important to learn different styles of writing, ranging from the reliable writing modes and what your self’s purpose is for writing anything, and much more coherent and consistently. Being able to eventually take the time to and effort to breakdown and understand your own purpose in writing, especially when it comes to what style of writing that you do will greatly benefit the broad understanding of my purpose in writing.
What I surely want to achieve as a writer is simply just the process of learning new concepts that I was not familiar with before. For example, being able to learn self-awareness of myself as a writer, and as well as creating a well organized thesis in whatever subject I am currently writing about, and as well having a supportive argument to back it up. Nevertheless, as well wanting to be somewhat challenged when it comes to me putting my critical thinking skills into play by developing my own set of ideas and usage of my thoughts. Likewise, the writing skills that I have learned from my four years in college will greatly benefit me, when it comes to job applications in the future. Now when it comes to my attitude about writing t...

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... know what you are thinking, why am I writing to students in high school? Well before taking this class, I used to lead retreats at my old high school, and it was required to give a talk/presentation to the students during the retreat. Therefore, I guess you could say for the most part, my audience would have to be teenagers in highs school. Being that I am able to relate to them on much more academically, mentally, and spiritually, as well as writing academically for my professors and classes for any assignments our due dates.
The moment that I know I truly have accomplished my achievement, as a writer will be the day that someone has gotten something out of my paper, talk, and presentation. Overall, I do not really know when that time will come, but when it does me, sure as hopes I will be ready and confident with my purpose of achieving to become a profound writer.

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