Essay about How My Writing Has Improved Throughout The Semester

Essay about How My Writing Has Improved Throughout The Semester

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As a second language learner I have never expected myself to be a perfect writer throughout the semester. Even If English was my first language still, I would not be a perfect writer. It is not about first or second language, it is about how well I understand the learning objectives. Then organizing and writing with my own ideas and putting them in my paper. I am going to be honest, I am not good at English subject and English subject is my strongest weakness than the other subjects. In this paper I will discuss and analyze my own writing, reflecting on the ways that my writing has improved throughout the semester.
The very first paper that I had to do was to choose two poems that we went over in class and compare and contrast both poems, explore images and ideas about relationships between parents and children in order to connect these stories. This assignment was pretty clear about what I had to do. However, I did not do well with that paper and I know the reasons why. First, I had so many grammatical errors which I knew would happen, but I do not take that as a huge problem. Secondly, every paper has to have a thesis. I thought my thesis was good enough, however, the review I got from my peer made me realize my thesis was not clear. ‘"These two poems show how the relationship between children and parents can become complicated because of not sharing feelings to each other" is needed to take care. I don 't clear idea from it.’ (Peer Review 1-Islam) What I understood from this comment was that I had to change the thesis. When I looked at the thesis and read from research, then I understood how a thesis statement looks like. My thesis looked like my opinion about the two poems. Next was following the paper’s outline. ...

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... I am now perfect at all of these improvements neither I will be perfect because no one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes. I still believe, I made so many grammatical mistake in this reflection paper. Before I registered for this class, in English 125 I heard I have to write a research paper in English 126. I was not that scare at the beginning of this English 126 class. However, when the assignment came closer I started to freak out because I have never done any research paper before and I did not know where and how to find sources. However, taking this class helped me to learn how to use citations, how to find sources, how to form a thesis question. I would say the most difficult thing and I did not improve was finding or creating a proper thesis statement. However, I believe I will improve more by practicing the mistakes by doing them over and over again.

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