How My Entrepreneurial Fire Ignited Essay

How My Entrepreneurial Fire Ignited Essay

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How My Entrepreneurial Fire Ignited:
Around me, I find problems, every time my eye blinks. I extract the solution with observations and with innovation. Ever since a child of the mere age of 6, I found myself observing people and environments. Trying to figure out why people were displeased or happy. My entrepreneurial passion had resided within me and I had not discovered them until my last year of high school, when I was introduced to social entrepreneur and founder of microfinance, Muhammad Yunus. It was then, that I realized how much of an impact innovation and entrepreneurship has on the world. His role as a social entrepreneur gave me a role model to look up to. My deep passion for cultures, languages and global citizenship were the foundations of my entrepreneurial goals. I had seen various nations around the world use entrepreneurship in different forms and build communities among people with similar interests and passions. My main interest in entrepreneurship came from the idea that one concept; one idea could unite so many individual of different backgrounds and build dynamic communities. By fostering unseen connections between individuals, networks of many forms and shape come to existence. This is what entrepreneurship can do and also what I focus on, social and community oriented ideas. Community can always be strengthened and diversified. I have had concepts whose primary goal was to bring individuals of different ethnic and cultural background together, and have them celebrate their identity in a multicultural and multi-faceted space. Valhalla, my Probe, nightclub venture, is one of the ideas, which evolved from my want of bringing people together. A compelling environment meant to foster greater understanding, co...

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...te Innovation Scholars Program in achieving your goals:
By being a part of the Undergraduate Innovation Scholars, I would be given the opportunity to start my dream earlier, with a solid group of advisors and peers who will help me navigate barriers, which are hard to overcome. I would be able to interact with students with the similar entrepreneurial goals and passions as me. We would be able to have intellectual and innovative conversations about each other’s entrepreneurial goals and experiences, while learning from another. By being able to be a part of the Innovation Scholars Program, I would be able to help with the process of broadening the awareness of the significance of entrepreneurship on campus and encourage more active involvement. It would give me a strong place where I could foster the entrepreneurial spirit of my peers, our campus and lastly my own.

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