How Much Influence Does A Bureaucratic University System Have Over A State 's Legislature?

How Much Influence Does A Bureaucratic University System Have Over A State 's Legislature?

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The question that I am seeking to find answers to is: how much influence does a bureaucratic University system have over a state’s legislature when it pertains to the funding of post-secondary education. To determine the answer, I had to deduce down to several influential factors, or rather the most influential factors. While I was conducting this research, I found that there are three main factors that could potentially influence decisions significantly they are as follows: how closely the legislature and the governor of each state follow their main political party’s platform, the property tax policies of the state and what percentage of the state 's’ fiscal budget goes to post-secondary education. In the spectrum of time that I have had to research this topic, I will use compare two state legislatures that tend to be on the opposite of the political and ideological spectrum: Kansas and California. I will also use Texas as an outlier since the state is controlled by a Republican legislature and governor, and I will also use Wisconsin as an example when it pertains to collective bargaining rights. To measure how much influence each of the factors listed have upon the state legislature 's decision making, I have compared the policies of each state and looked for different variables to find correlations between their policies and the outcomes of the legislature on laws.


I collected the data and put the findings of my research on an excel sheet to collect the data on property and sales tax percentages, whether or not the legislature was controlled by a Republican majority, whether the governor of the state is a Republican, whether or not conceal and carry was allowed in the state, and what the status of ...

... middle of paper ...

...determined at the local level, either.

The question can now be reasonably raised as to how governmental institutions work and how they promote the interest of themselves and of the lobbyist. One theory as to how they work is called the Iron Triangle Theory. According to, the Iron Triangle Theory “consists of interest groups, members of congressional subcommittees, and agency bureaucrats.” (, 2016) First, to explain the theory, let’s take a look at how each three parts of the iron triangle work. To start off, Congress is said to give agencies more power and increase the financial funding/budgets of the agencies. In return, the agencies are claimed of keeping the interest groups content with the decisions of Congress in regards to public policy. The agencies are also claimed to pass internal policies reflecting the interest of the special

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