Essay about How Much Do People Really Know About Edgar Allan Poe

Essay about How Much Do People Really Know About Edgar Allan Poe

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Edgar Allan Poe
How much do people really know about Edgar Allan Poe? There are many questions one could ask about poe, but he is a phenomenal poet. He wrote many different types of poetry, each piece about love, but with a little twist. With one sentence he hooks a reader in, not to mention his word choice is fantastic. Poe’s poems and stories are one of the most liked in modern literature (Ljungquist). Even through tough times Poe found a way to write amazing poems and stories.
When Poe grew up his life was very hard. Poe’s father had left the family shortly after being a traveling actor with Poe’s mom (Ljungquist). That ended in 1811 when Edgar’s mother died. ¨Poe lost both of his parents and was taken in by a wealthy Virginia merchant, John Allan, but their relationship was often stormy¨ (Kinsella). Poe wrote many poems and short stories about love and romance. Since Poe did not have a good relationship with John, he mostly likely began writing about good relationships with lots of love to distract his mind from his relationship with John. Writing about love may have helped with Poe’s relationship with other people like Virginia Eliza Clemm, Poe’s wife. Besides writing, Poe was a brave man. Before Poe’s wife died he enlisted in the army in 1827. Poe’s wife dying could also be another reason he wrote about love. Poems like ¨The Raven¨ and ¨A Dream Within a Dream¨ are all about love.
The poem ¨The Raven¨ was revised twice, once in 1845 and again in 1849 (Lemco). The poem is about a man trying to find his lost love (Hallqvist). The first stanza shows the narrator’s mental state and what time of day the poem takes place (Lorcher). Since the poem is set at night the narrator is tired. After the first stanza ...

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...s represent brass warning bells. Poe uses words like “horrified to speak”, clang, clash, roar”, and “how the danger sinks and swells” (Kinsella). Then the mood drastically changes to sad bells. These bells represent a funeral. Words like “muffled tone”, “throbbing”, and “sobbing” are used to describe the mood (Kinsella). The basic idea of the poem was to have bells represent different times in life. In the beginning it starts with happy and joyful bells and then it starts to change toward the middle. It is no longer happy bells, it’s bells warning us of danger. The poem ends with the sad bells because in life when family or friends die it is a time a grieving and sadness. So in other words each bell in the poem represents different times in life. From when were born to when we die. Some were good and happy times while others were difficult or sad times.

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