How Money Is A Drug Essay

How Money Is A Drug Essay

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A moderate addiction to money may not always be hurtful; but when taken in excess it is nearly always bad for the health. These photos show people who have money and those who do not. It also shows that money can be a drug and people who have it want more and those that do not have any want it also. People throughout the world strive to earn more and more, whether it be earning it or doing something wrong and stealing it, we still want it. Money is in since a drug due to the fact that once people get their first "hit" of it they want more and when it becomes scarce they become angry, sad, upset, or even gotten to the point to where they would do absolutely anything to obtain. This photo essay is here to show that money is a drug that people would do anything to obtain.
In my photos everyone will see money with a variety of other objects such as guns, pills, needles, and dolls. The first photo of the homeless man shows him hunkered down with his cup asking for change, I chose this photo to show where people may begin to do things they normally would not do if they had money. Poverty and the sense of a lack of money or belongings will cause the people with that thought to begin to look for ways to get that money. This can be directly linked to the photo of the two stick dolls fighting of the money. They are related in the fact that those who look for ways to obtain more money will fight or harm others to get that money, this is also a reference to an earlier photo of the money with the gun and pills. I chose the photo with the gun to show another way that people will cause harm or threaten others to get more money.
While some of my peers understood parts of my thesis no one really got both parts. One photo that describes a part...

... middle of paper ...

...portant.” This is true, I choice the homeless to show what could be the beginning spark in a person to begin to either commit crimes or pursue a job that will help them earn money.
In my photo essay I chose the theme of money being a drug and how many will do anything to obtain it. I personally think that my essay was a success in the fact that many of my peers actually got my theme or were significantly close. I also think that if I included a few more photos with one that showed a person laying in money and drugs. Doing this photo essay shows me that people can create an essay only using photos the only catch is that they have to choose their photos wisely. The theme of my photo essay was that money is a drug that people would do anything to obtain, and just like alcohol, pills, and marijuana, money is an addiction that lead to the harm of others and themselves.

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