How Money Can 't Buy Love Essay

How Money Can 't Buy Love Essay

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What would you do if you found out your new date was a millionaire, would it cause you to immediately fall head over heels in love with them? Would you rush to get engaged or married because of their monetary worth? Some people would because of their materialistic tendencies and commercial behavior, but under no circumstance does this mean these new people love one another. Money is able to buy you a new house or a new car, but it certainly cannot buy you love. Love is not a commodity or good to be purchased. Love is earned and developed between individuals over time. Money can’t buy love, but it can make an individual more appealing as a potential partner.
Due to the advancements in modern day technology, it is easy for individuals to learn more about their potential partners. They can research their partners through various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter in order to learn all they can about the other individual. It is as if they are conducting research to compare the new iPhones that became available to the public to select the best one to purchase. The article “Can Money Buy You Love?” further enforces this idea, “Modern technology, especially the Internet, enables us to choose romantic partners in the way they select a commodity. Thus, people can refer to very specific features not necessarily related to love. When someone writes on a dating site that he is seeking a vegetarian Jewish woman interested in African wildlife, his process is not dissimilar to the way in which he might itemize the attributes he wants in a car” (Ben-Zeév). By using social media, people can pick and choose who they want to date. This allows them to filter through individuals they may not find appealing whether it be ...

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In conclusion, no matter how hard you try, money cannot buy you true love. Money can make you more appealing to a potential partner because they view you as a commodity, looking for a rich individual to be their partner. Money is also associated with people of power, many individuals find powerful partners attractive. Having high finances can also make you more appealing on a dating website or dating app by allowing you to pay for services that make you look like your best self. Lastly, money has the capability of allowing you to pay for said dating websites and dating apps. But, under no circumstances can money buy love. This can be seen through the experiences of two lottery winners from England. Money has the capability of making you more attractive to potential partners and buy you services to find you potential partners, but it does not buy you true love.

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