How Money Can Buy Happiness Essay

How Money Can Buy Happiness Essay

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When you think of money how does it make you feel? How about when you have money how does that make you feel? Growing up surrounded by poverty and constant suffering I was always told money was the root of our problems. Even when you were having a great day money could always turn your mood upside down. My parents would use phrases such as “If only we had more money” or “If we weren’t so broke” around my household on a daily basis, and because of this I’ve always assumed the more money I have the more my problems will deteriorate and in the end will become happy. In the essay I plan to show both sides of money, not having any as well as having plenty. I will also showcase my point of view on whether or not money can buy happiness and my personal experiences that give me this standpoint. I believe money can buy happiness, to an extent, it all truly depends on how and what you choose to spend it on as well as the significance it has.
Anyone who has experienced the lifestyle of the poor can understand first-hand how it feels to have no money. Money is an important link in the way the world continues to work, we have built huge societies where we eat, sleep and drink money. When you are struggling to have money it’s as if you are being left out of all the things you enjoy to do, even when you are rewarded or acknowledged with money you are forced to use that money for necessities rather than pleasure. I have lived both a poor and wealthier lifestyle so being able to see both sides has made an extreme impact on the way I view the world, myself and my experiences through life. In present time we use social media heavily, many of us have interesting little gadgets such as cell phones, tablets and laptops that allow us to communicate ...

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...ney in the world could lose it all tomorrow as well as one who is struggling could finally catch their big break and become wealthy.
In conclusion I have found money isn’t what actually gives you the happiness it is the time and significance you gain through money. Money is material, paper and coins, yet it impacts us on such an emotional level. If our world hadn’t started revolving around finances I’m sure our priorities would be much different, both ways we are running out of time and need to fill ourselves with experiences and memories to achieve our dreams and that costs money. Money can buy us an abundance of things including happiness, but it is to an extent, it truly depends on how and what you choose to spend it on as well as how significant of an impact it will give you. Spend your money and time wisely, and never forget to live your dreams and fantasies.

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