How Moira 's Character Development Helped Shape The Key Messages Of Gender Equality And Personal Liberty Against The Forces

How Moira 's Character Development Helped Shape The Key Messages Of Gender Equality And Personal Liberty Against The Forces

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In life, we can either follow the rest of the herd of cattle of become a tiger and break out. In the book The Handmaids Tale by Margaret Atwood talks about a dystopian city where everyone must follow their rules if you do not want to be punished. This is especially for women who must follow these rules and boundaries that are put in place. However, there is one character who doesn 't follow any of their rules but instead breaks free from them. Moira is the only Handmaid to escape without being caught. This essay will discuss how Moira 's character development helped shape the key messages of gender equality and personal liberty against the forces of ignorance and prejudice.
Moira is the only one to really take action against Gilead. Unlike the other Handmaids Moira tries to escape from the red center twice and her last time she actually does it. She escapes by tricking Aunt Elizabeth to come fix a toilet in the bathroom while she hit her in the head. Moira then ties up Aunt Elizabeth and takes her clothes then left. Moira said that "I made up a lot of stuff. You do that when they use the electrodes and other things. You don 't care what you say" (Atwood pg.282). Moira knew that the only way to escape is to escape is lying and deceive others in order for her to get her own personal liberty. Throughout the book, we can see Moira is a person of action someone who is fighting against Gilead and what they are doing. Which to her is not right Offred sees her as a person who would not let the people in power take over and have control of her. From that point on Moira represents an alternative path of not accepting one 's path in life that is forced upon you. That you can fight for what you believe is right that there shouldn 't be oth...

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...l interactions, the only kind that Gilead values. More than that, she is the only character who stands up to authority directly by make two escape attempts, one successful, from the Red Center. The manner in which she escapes—taking off her clothes and putting on the uniform of an Aunt—symbolizes her rejection of Gilead 's attempt to define her identity. From then on, until Offred meets up with her again, Moira represents an alternative to the meek subservience and acceptance of one 's fate that most of the Handmaids adopt. When Offred runs into Moira, Moira has been recaptured and is working as a prostitute at Jezebel 's, servicing the Commanders. Her fighting spirit seems broken, and she has become resigned to her fate. After embodying resistance for most of the novel, Moira comes to exemplify the way a totalitarian state can crush even the most independent spirit.

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