How Modern Fashion And Costume Designs Reflect The True Meaning And Beauty Of Women 's Fashion

How Modern Fashion And Costume Designs Reflect The True Meaning And Beauty Of Women 's Fashion

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The Qing dynasty prospered in arts and culture. Traditional forms of arts flourished: including the delicate and exquisite ceramics and Chinese porcelain.

On a smaller scale, however, the most symbolic feature traveled through to the present from the Qing dynasty would be women’s fashion in the imperial palace. Women’s fashion not only depicted their status, but also reflected their beliefs and culture. As an enthusiast of the Qing dynasty, I often spot both accurate and inaccurate traces of Qing’s fashion from televisions and runways.

The Qing dynasty changed China’s history, and influenced China’s fashion everlastingly. But what is it about these clothing designs that is so alluring? Why is it that costume and fashion designers still incorporate and utilise elements from Qing to spark their inspirations?

This essay aims to explore to what extent does modern fashion and costume designs reflect the true meaning and beauty of women’s fashion back in the Qing dynasty. On a personal level, China’s history is very dear to my heart because I am Chinese. I value my culture and I believe it should be portrayed in comprehensive way.

There are three prospects that I will be focusing on and evaluating through this essay: number one, proposed by Tong Xun Chen, is that “history is enhanced and revived by movie and television show costumes, even though some details have been altered to emphasise certain aspects that are highlighted by directors”; two, proposed by Xiao Zheng, is that “costumes, set designs and modern fashion designs on the run way defies convention and ignores history by misleading the costumers and audiences”; number three, proposed by Valery Garrett, is that “modern fashion is a way to reflect history in ...

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... dress in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

From the first lady to the hostesses of the Olympics, it is impossible to miss the eye-catching theme of the Qing dynasty.

Modern Designer Clothing
It is fair to say that China is becoming more and more influential on a global scale. Not only does China influence the economy and foreign policies, but it also establishes much of the world’s aesthetic framework. For instance, many designers have incorporated flamboyant elements of Chinese fashion into their collection and displayed the designs in the Milan Fashion week. Moreover, magazines often invite Chinese celebrities, who are dressed in Chinese inspired gowns, to pose for their front page (an example would be Men’s Uno Magazine). Amongst all the inspiration provided by China’s history and fashion, Qing Dynasty’s imperial fashion is one of the most popular stimulus.

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