How Might Schools Empower Teachers to Be Better Informed about Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander Education

How Might Schools Empower Teachers to Be Better Informed about Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander Education

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How might schools empower teachers to be better informed about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education?
3. Indigenous literacies and Aboriginal English
Overtime, the quality of education for Aboriginal and Torres trait islanders has seen much improvement, though there is yet a stagnant gap evident within the English language and literacy performances of students coming the Indigenous culture when compared to Australian students. This is supported by Dr Wendy Hanlen who asks “why do Indigenous students born in this country, many of whom speak English, generally, do not have successful literacy outcomes?” (Hanlen, 2002).
It is a good school that would see to enable educators to be equipped with information that betters the Indigenous literacy’s and Aboriginal English in the education system. It is further paramount that schools also find the correlation of cause between the stagnated gap of Indigenous students and other non- Indigenous students (Hanlen, 2002).
Schools need to provide access for teachers to gain knowledge about Indigenous literacy’s and Aboriginal English. These two cultures are always contrasted with each other (Nakata, 2001). Indigenous ways are shown to be more “circular in nature, Kinship-leisure-Earth-Law-work are all interrelated and dynamic” (Hanlen, 2002). The Aboriginal Australian language is what makes up the indigenous culture (Eades, 1995). Having differences between the two ways of literacies has caused disruption according to (Hanlen, 2002). Everyday Australian practices continually incorporate the use of literacy practices for instance filling a form; using an ATM machine, reading and filling out children’s notes from school, as well as doing online e tests such as getting a driver’s license. C...

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