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How Mexicans See America Essay

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The United States has had a varied relationship with the nation of Mexico. The relationship has drastically changed over the past several decades as issues such as immigration, drug violence, health care, free trade, and border concerns have been brought into the public sphere on both sides of the border. Both nations have had and continue to have an impact on each other. However, for the purposes of this research paper, I hope to demonstrate some of the current perceptions that Mexicans hold in regards to Americans and the United States as a nation.
Historically speaking, there existed negative feelings towards the United States because of the difference in power since the nineteenth century. Throughout the nation’s history, the United States has represented a type of ‘big brother’: Americans have more wealth, more power, and are more economically and financially developed. They were also responsible for the loss of a great deal of territory from Mexico in the 1800s. In addition, Americans have constantly been involved with the political and economic affairs of Mexico, whether they were invited to or not. It’s hard to see reasons why that are outside the realm of only promoting American interests. This has resulted in anti-American sentiments in many parts of the world, especially throughout Europe (Markovits 2007).
With these thoughts and historical facts in mind, it becomes a grim picture of how Mexicans may view Americans. However, despite differences of perspective based on what issues are being discussed, Mexicans do not completely hate Americans. I do believe there is some distrust based on past actions but in general the feelings towards Americans are essentially positive.
According to Purcell (2001), interactions b...

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... more, in the hopes that both nations can help support each other in all future endeavors.


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