How Mentoring Can Be Associated With Increased Student Success And That Having A Mentor

How Mentoring Can Be Associated With Increased Student Success And That Having A Mentor

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Based on the results, my hypothesis was partially supported. I hypothesized that mentoring would be associated with increased student success and that having a mentor who is of the same ethnicity would lead to more positive changes than having a mentor who is of a different ethnicity. Unexpectedly, mentored students did not express greater civic engagement after 6 weeks of mentoring than they had prior to mentoring. In fact, unlike previous research, I found that students who were non-URM and were not matched to their mentor expressed less civic engagement after 6 weeks of mentoring than they had prior to mentoring. In this case, my hypothesis was not supported and I suspect that there was a retesting effect. Students may have felt annoyed at the fact that they were being asked the same questions on the surveys they completed. In addition, since students’ civic engagement was self-reported, students may have been apathetic and may have completed the survey quickly in order to receive the points that the survey was worth. Recently, problems between different racial and ethnic groups are a major concern in the United States. With the Black Lives Matter movement and the increase awareness of police brutality incidents like the case of Mike Brown, there has been a barrier of mistrust between different ethnic and racial groups. Perhaps, peoples’ attitudes towards different racial groups may have been altered by what is happening with current events. Students who were non-URM may have not connected with their mentors who were a different ethnic group, which in turn may have altered students’ civic engagement.
I expected to find a larger increase in participation, and references to ethnicity, grit, and academic orientation in mentored s...

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... addition, mentored students were also more active in class discussions. Having a mentor of the same ethnicity may have not mattered much in this study because the mentoring sessions were not one-on-one. Students were accompanied by about six other students. If the mentor was not of the same ethnicity as the mentee, it may have not mattered as much because the student may have had peers in the mentoring session that were of the same ethnicity. However, being mentored by a mentor of the same ethnicity matters in terms of academic orientation. Future research should examine whether assigning someone a mentor and having students call someone their “mentor” will impact students’ experience of mentoring. Future research should also examine whether having a mentor of the same ethnicity and being mentored in one-on-one sessions will impact students’ experience of mentoring.

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