Essay How Mental Health ( Hipaa ) Nursing Is Perceived

Essay How Mental Health ( Hipaa ) Nursing Is Perceived

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This essay will discuss how mental health (MH) nursing is perceived, how the job has changed formally in the National Health Service (NHS), and what professional peers believe the job entails. This essay will therefore, consider the impact that leg-islation has on MH nurses will also be discussed. The perception of a MH nurse’s job can be based on an individual’s ethics. Ethics are standards that are set by par-ticular social norms, values and legislations.

The 1960’s individuals’ with mental illness were supported or cared for in asylums ,by mostly untrained staff, which were at that time called keepers. (Boschma, 2003). During the 1960’s a report called the Ely Report was written. This report stated that there was ill treatment of patients, pilfering of food, clothing and personal belong-ings, and lack of care being carried out in Ely hospital (Boschma, 2003). The Ely report made the Government look at the way that nurses were trained; prior to this they were only trained with theory and practical skills were tested. However, the re-sult from the report was by the 1972 practical element were added to the training (Roberts, 2016). In a report written in 1975 called ‘Better Services for the Mentally Ill’ it was stated by Barbra Castle (1975) that community care was the best care for individuals with mental illness, however this did not state how this would be pro-duced. Nolan (1993) suggested that the support would have been given by a col-laboration of general practitioners (GP’s), Health Visitors, Social workers, and Dis-trict Nurses, at this time MH Nurses would only give support whilst in hospital lead care. This then produced the role of the Community Psychiatric Nurse (CPN), who was responsible for providing support to i...

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...Conduct are the treatment of people as individuals and giving them dignity, the legislation that is written that supports this is included in The Care Act 2014 (Britain, 2014). This Act puts a general duty on local authorities that provide care to individuals and the responsibility to promote the wellbeing of individuals when carrying out care and support functions (Britain, 2014).

To promote the awareness and increase the perception of a MH nurse to both the public and in turn other health care professionals, MH nurses should and consist-ently follow all guidelines out into place by their employers and follow all govern-ment lead legislation. This would ensure that all MH nurses are working to the same standards, and in turn would give a positive stigma of not only the service they are providing, but in turn a true view of the individuals they are supporting.

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