Essay on How Mass Media Shapes National History And Informs Ideology

Essay on How Mass Media Shapes National History And Informs Ideology

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How mass media shapes national history and informs ideology
Mass media gas grown and changed throughout history with its use and affect on the crowds. Television, radio, newspapers, and the Internet are all part of the means of mass communication, meaning mass media. It is the most affective way of spreading a message/idea, and it directly shapes and reforms the way history will play out. It can also be seen as a source for record keeping, hence history is stored in these forms of mass media. One will be able to see the difference between what happened, what was said to have happened at that time, and what actually happened. When looking at mass media it is important to look at it as a timeline; separating the different types of media. The first to boom was printing press, which allowed newspapers to spread. This allowed people all over to know what was going on across that certain region of publication; then came radio, television, and now the Internet. By each innovation, more people were reached by the message, therefore making mass media a larger concept. The Internet, which is the biggest form of mass media, incorporates print, tv, and radio all together. It basically encapsulates all forms of mass media into a single entity and this has aided people across the globe in many different factors (entertainment, news, communication). This form of mass communication helped in the spread of different forms of ideologies and norms that have changed throughout history.
When looking at the case of the French liberation, specifically through the pictures and images used in the newspapers (Carnavalet), one can see that the mass media at the time was used to create a patriotic/nationalistic attitude. The message of the ideology that ...

... middle of paper ...

...aginary borders are simply the aftermath of political bureaucracy. One must be exposed to media outlets of all genres in order to fully understand the happenings. Because agendas have become apparent and sources are being doubted; the information from either is but a distortion of the truth.
The media is our only source of information now if not seen in first hand. It has shaped the world in various forms and is still continuing to be part of difficult moments in history, whether with the liberation of France or in more recent years with the Arab Spring. In both occurrences the media was used to manipulate and create a certain image or ideal of what the country would be and why the citizens should fight. It helped spread the information necessary to cause those changes in history. It helps spreads all forms of ideologies and is a big part of everyone’s daily lives.

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