How Marketers Use Consumers ' Failures At Achieving Goals Essay

How Marketers Use Consumers ' Failures At Achieving Goals Essay

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DQ 3.5
How can marketers use consumers’ failures at achieving goals in developing promotional appeals for specific products and services? Give examples.
Marketers can use consumers’ failures at achieving goals in developing promotional appeals for specific products and services by setting a goal with their product. If the product meets or exceeds the goal then consumers will be more likely to buy the product again. “Consumers often regard mediocre products with greater satisfaction than is really warranted if the products’ performance exceeds their expectations.” (Schiffman & Wisenblit, 2015, pg. 59). By setting this goal that should be able to be obtained by the product, marketing will have successfully created a feeling of accomplishment for the consumer. An example of this is Huggies Pull-Ups. Parents become embarrassed if they fail to potty train their child. It is far less embarrassing if the child is wearing a Huggie Pull-Up because they can easily take it off and throw it away without the child’s pants becoming messy. Huggies is using the difficulties and failures that parents often face when trying to potty train their child. Another example is weight loss companies or gyms. At the beginning of every year, the most popular New Year’s resolution to start working out and lose that excess weight. Gyms and weight loss companies use the failures from the past year of not staying in shape to their benefit. It is stated that “More people join gyms in January than any other month… after they go AWOL, millions of dropouts still continue to pay their monthly gym bills.” (Preston, 2010). Gyms are able to use failures every year with the consumers hope that they will be able to shed those few extra pounds.
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...igned and collected for the purpose of a current research problem. Secondary research is existing information that was originally gathered for a research purpose other than the present research. (Schiffman & Wisenblit, 2015). Secondary data may make primary research unnecessary if it can answer the question in part or in full. “One situation on when market research is unnecessary is when there is easy or even free access available to authentic and reliable secondary data sources.” (Scheid, 2010). If there is secondary research that is free or answers part of the question or the entire question, it would be unnecessary to spend the time and resources on doing primary research. Some examples of major sources of secondary data are government agencies, periodicals, newspapers or books. A lot of these can be easily accessible from libraries and are from reliable sources.

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