Essay on How Marijuana Works

Essay on How Marijuana Works

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When the term marijuana is commonly used, the instant impression is to think of an illegal street drug. However, this “drug” is increasingly being looked into as a profitable and resourceful plant. The perspective surrounding marijuana has evolved so dramatically over the last twenty years. Currently, Washington and Colorado, are the first two states to be recreationally legalize marijuana. Research is being funded by major universities as well as the government. How will this impact society, and change marijuana from an illicit drug to something used legally to treat serious illnesses as well as be used recreationally? Will it be successfully sold as a retail item? How will it be taxed? How does medicinal marijuana differ to marijuana from fifty years ago? These are important questions that must and will be answered as the marijuana reform continues to develop in the United States. In this paper I will try to describe why people are changing their minds and if marijuana can truly live up to it’s untold but spoken of benefits (
Over the last three decades, marijuana has changed in every way possible, and it all started in California. During the 1990’s, the people of California passed a proposition to allow the medicinal use of marijuana to a prescribed patient with an illness that marijuana can help to treat. Today, in 2013, there are now over 20 states and Washington D.C. with bills or propositions that allow the use of medicinal marijuana. There are also an estimated 2,000 cannabis dispensaries open across the United States as well ( The point is that people are increasingly wanting reform for cannabis. It is now known that over fifty percent of all americans believe it should be decriminalized at the lea...

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