How Marijuana Affects Our Society Essay

How Marijuana Affects Our Society Essay

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The video upon which this paper is being written on was very interesting. It is titled The Union The Business Behind Getting High, and same can be found on It essentially described how marijuana was used originally, to make hemp, which was popularly used to make rope and many other things. Eventually marijuana was prohibited and the video went on to describe the effects that marijuana has on its users, and in turn, how marijuana users affect our society. One important comparison that the video makes is between marijuana and alcohol; and how people behave when they are drunk (on alcohol) and when they are high (on marijuana).
The video points out a few interesting points that could definitely be considered worthy of a discussion. On the one hand, do you know how many people have died from being high on marijuana? The answer is zero. On the other hand, I am sure it will not take much researching to find out the approximate number of people that have died from alcohol positioning, chocking on their own vomit while intoxicated, and other alcohol related incidents. Additionally, I found it interesting when the video was describing productivity of marijuana users compared to alcohol abusers. Studies have found that when people drink the night before they are often hung-over the next day and, therefore, do not perform as well as work, thus, reducing productivity and in turn damaging our economy. However, I do not believe that anyone has ever gone to work the next day not feeling 100% because they got too high the night before.
Additionally, another interesting distinction that the video points out between drunks and pot smokers, is its’ respective connections to violence. Smoking marijuana does not bring about...

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...uting, and imprisoning marijuana users, that our government should legalize and regulate the sale of marijuana to benefit our country. I believe that in doing so, we will be eliminating crime motives (such as young teenagers/adults selling marijuana to make “easy money”) and instead saving billions of dollars in taxpayer dollars, while at the same time building up our economy. Moreover, if the government were to legalize and in turn regulate the sale of marijuana, we could do a better job of keeping the drug out of the hands of adolescents who are still too young to fully comprehend the effects that marijuana may have on the developing brain, and the adolescents who are still too young to make an informed decision on what to do. All in all, I believe that there are many more reasons to legalize marijuana, than to maintain the prohibition on it in today’s society.

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