How Many People Suffer From A Disability Which Limits What They Can Do? Essay

How Many People Suffer From A Disability Which Limits What They Can Do? Essay

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How many people suffer from a disability which limits what they can do? Just within the United States, approximately 34.2 million, or 17.5%, of americans are struggling with a disability that has functional limitations. My father is one of those 34.2 million. In 2010, he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, or MS; Multiple Sclerosis is an autoimmune disorder which causes the spinal chord to deteriorate. A current cure does not exist for those diagnosed.
My dad was told that in five years time he would be in a wheelchair. As a very active person, this was a devastating blow for him. Naturally, as his daughter, I was overwhelmed. An eerie atmosphere surrounded my family, for everyone was morose and unsure of how to handle this situation. To watch someone you love so much slowly lose basic locomotion is completely heart wrenching. At first a slight limp was present, but this escalated to him needing a cane. My family couldn 't help him out physically, all we could provide for him was mental support and wellness.
Embarrassment ate him alive; and he let it. As the limp began to escalate, his state of mind deteriorated. Within the workplace he was especially ashamed of his MS. He felt as though people would judge him for his limp; He let his MS define him. As his daughter, this was mentally straining to watch. Aware of his self consciousness and shame in regards to the way he walked, I would always try and walk slower so he could keep up with me better. I do not know if he even noticed this simple act, but I like to think he did. There were only so many ways I could figure out how to damper the fact that his ability to walk was crippling.
Since my father was diagnosed, I have advanced enormously as a person. I am equipped now with ...

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... I have learned to juggle and tend to different aspects of my life as needed.
Stepping up my game as an older sister and leader within the family has really had a positive effect through these hardships. The notable impact which I have had on the family brings me great feelings of warmth. My family is beginning to all be on the same wavelength; we are all figuring out what works best for us as a whole. The sense of unity and a community of love is being refurbished in my family, the Kelliher family.
I have no fear of change. Over the last couple of years, through many different hardships I have learned to become accepting of whatever life may bring. With open arms, I embrace and welcome change. Shifts in life are what shape a person and build their character, for through all of these ups and downs within my family, I am coming out an improved version of myself.

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