How Management Plans For Secure It Systems Using The Cyber Security Standards

How Management Plans For Secure It Systems Using The Cyber Security Standards

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Change Management plans plays pivotal role in information security to mitigate risks by allowing an organization to operate efficiently. With the rise in network attacks and social networking attacks, organizations and mostly Chief Security Officers (CSO’s) are reluctant to review their security policies and to secure their IT systems in order to avoid exposure to reputational risk. In addition, with the change in the organizational hierarchy and new products in demand, it is equally important for organizations to review change management plans by being adhered to the NIST security standards. The purpose of this research paper is to determine the essential documentation needed to change management plans for secure IT systems using the cyber security framework and the specific role of Chief Security Officer in amending and approving changes.
The main role of Chief security officer is to be responsible for the overall, management, implementation, and enforcement of the IT security program in order to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of resources, assets and information systems (Garbars, 2002). They are required to address individuals from every department to adhere to the responsibilities assigned to them. According to NIST SP 800-53, there are three classes of security controls that are necessary to secure IT systems which are Management, Operational and Technical classes. Risk Management is the most important part of Change management plan as it works with the cyber security framework to improve an existing program. In order to mitigate risks, information security team are required to follow the seven steps of cyber security framework (NIST, 2014) which are as follows:
Step 1: Prioritize and Scope
In this st...

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...quired to respond in a timely manner to resolve the matter.
To conclude, Chief security officers play crucial role to analyze and implement change management plans to secure IT systems by adhering to the security standards recommended by NIST standards. It is huge responsibility for a chief security officer to initiate the role of amending and approving changes required for any policies necessary to protect information and information systems of an organization. Above mentioned details provides the explanation of the purpose of this research paper which is to determine the essential documentation needed to change management plans for secure IT systems using the cyber security framework and the specific role of Chief Security Officer in amending and approving changes to better protect information of an organizational operations, organizational assets, or individuals.

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