Essay on How Malaria Is Passed from Person to Person

Essay on How Malaria Is Passed from Person to Person

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Because the malaria parasite exists in human red blood cells which form part of blood, it is possible for malaria to be passed on from one person to the next via organ transplant, shared use of sharp objects that come in contact with blood such as knives, needles and syringes; it can also be passed on through blood transfusion. An infected mother can also card malaria on to her unborn baby during the process of birth (delivery).Malaria passed on in this matter is called congenital malaria.
Because malaria can only be passed on through blood, a person cannot “latch" malaria from others just by being near an infected person. You can kiss and hug a malaria infected person with no risk of infection, even if they are to cough or sneeze.("Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute | About Malaria", p. 1-2)

According to the World Health Organization; there are about up to 20 different known locally important species of anopheles around the world. All of the vector species feed at night. But although all Anopheles mosquitoes need a body of stagnant water to breed, each species has its particular breeding preference; for example some prefer small and shallow collections of fresh water, such as rice fields, or the Oshana’s in Southern Africa. We find that the transmission rate is more concentrated in areas where the parasite has a chance at surviving longer (The parasite needs a long life span so the parasite has sufficient time to replicate and mature and to complete its growth inside the mosquito).Infection concentration is also found to be more in areas where the vector favors feeding on humans as opposed to other animals. For example, most published research suggests that the resilient human-biting habit and long lifespan of the Africa...

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...d red blood cells blocking blood flow in a blood vessel. The inset image shows a cross-section of a sickle cell with abnormal (sickle) hemoglobin forming abnormal threads. (Tidy, Newson, & Gronow, 2012, p. 1-9)
Sickle cell anemia is a type of anemia.
When a person suffers from anemia, they have than normal number of red blood cells. However anemia can also occur if your red blood cells do have an insufficient amount of hemoglobin.
Red blood cells are produced in the spongy marrow found inside the larger bones of the body. The bone marrow is constantly making new red blood cells to replace the destroyed ones. Normal red blood cells have a life span of 122 days. Apart from carrying and transporting oxygen, Red blood cells also serve the purpose of removing waste products from the body e.g. Red blood cells remove carbon dioxide. (Tidy, Newson, & Gronow, 2012, p. 1-9)

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