How Machiavelli Is Not Acceptable For The Citizens Of A Nation Essay

How Machiavelli Is Not Acceptable For The Citizens Of A Nation Essay

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"Can it be considered justifiable for the Citizens of a Nation to be lied upon by its Government?”
Deriving from what I have learned, observed, witnessed thru out history “Ethics and Politics” go hand in hand. Bok believed in “ethics, morality, individual rights”, where Machiavelli believed in “politics”. Bok believed “lying” was not acceptable. Machiavelli believed that in “politics lying was seen as an evil, and politicians were known to dirty their hands”. Based on my perception and opinionated point of view one cannot say lying is completely wrong or deceitful. I would argue that there are many controversies on whether or not, it is justifiable for a nation to “lie or deceit” its citizens, in order to be in control, or maintain power. This is one of the reasons why one needs “ethics in order to have power”. Machiavelli was a realist who focused on the absence of power, and how it was maintained. Unfortunately in today’s society “lying” has become the irony that many political leaders display as an everyday norm, when there exhibiting their deceitful behavior. Lying has proven to endorse positive and negative responses from its citizens towards its government.
Throughout history leaders whom are in power would definitely question their authority in how far they can go in using deception, or where do they draw the line. Accountability, lying, and ethics are key issues of deception that one uses when talking about officials whom are in office, or are in the process of being elected. If our leaders where to demonstrate the presence of losing control, power, and confidence, in front of its citizens it would be devastated. For these reasons, Machiavelli in his book called “Prince” explains the reasoning of how a prince should “...

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...he citizens. Reason’s politicians lie is the reality that our citizens don’t want to know the truth per Machiavelli.
From what history has demonstrated strong points have been made from those in office in defending their view as to why it has been a necessity to lie in order to defend the interest of the public. Even though in theory as Machiavelli says “there are no boundaries or limits set on lying”. Bok on the other hand feels “lying is not appropriate or necessary and should be avoided”. Reality sinks in when their hands are tied and there forced to deceive and become liars. This is why reality would be the most difficult to access if the whole truth was to come out, the government would lose control of its power. Loss of life, war, economic down fall, panic, irrational behavior amongst citizens would occur. Reality in this case would change the notion of power.

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