How Literary Realism Play A Part Of Portraying Americans Lives During The Late 19th Century?

How Literary Realism Play A Part Of Portraying Americans Lives During The Late 19th Century?

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How did literary realism play a part in portraying Americans lives during the late 19th century? Literary realism is the fact of representing a situation accurately or in a way that is true to life. Social differences of class and race were issues occurring during the realism time period. Racial passing also occurred and it is when a member of one racial group classifies themselves as a member of a different racial group. Most people think racial passing only occurred in the late 19th century, however, that is not completely true. Racial passing did take place during the late 19th century, but it still occurs throughout society today. Racial passing created tension during the realism period between different racial groups. Martha Cutter, a professor at the University of Connecticut describes racial passing as a loss of identity: “The core issue of passing is not becoming what you pass for, but losing what you pass away from” (382). African Americans were losing a sense of self identity by passing as a different racial group. Individuals of African ancestry seemed to be more interested in what they would gain by passing as white, rather than what they lost by rejecting an African identity. Many African Americans were of a lower class and were subjected to unfair treatment because of their class and race. The treatment many African Americans endured during the late 1800’s led them to pass as another race, because it meant they would be treated better and seen as part of the upper class. Henry James, Charles Chestnutt, and Kate Chopin accurately depict life in America during the late 19th century through the various verisimilitude between social differences of class and race, in order to exemplify literary realism.
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...on realized the real thing was less precious than they unreal. “The Real Thing” by Henry James depicted social differences between class and how perception is not always the truth.
Realism has played an important role within society. Realism broke away from Romanticism into a more realistic period. Stories depicted the truth of events occurring within American lives, rather than using imagination. Realism has grown throughout the years and literature in society today uses Realism aspects, such as racial tension. Realism has grown from being used in literature to the media industry. It will be beneficial for the media to use realistic events in films because it can show viewers the social injustices that occur around the world. Using Realism to depict social issues will gain the attention of individuals, giving viewers a new perspective of thinking about situations.

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