Essay about How Literacy Is Important?

Essay about How Literacy Is Important?

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Literacy is something that we use in our lives daily, we use it to communicate with others, to read, and write. It is good to keep learning about literacy in order to improve the way we communicate. Imagine talking to someone or reading something and not being able to understand what they are saying. Eva Hoffman’s “Lost in Translation: A Life in a New Language” is a good example of how it feels not being able to comprehend what is being said around her. Hoffman moved to Canada, where she knew nothing about their language. She was unfamiliar with their language so she had to learn theirs in order to fit in with her surroundings. Not knowing how to read or write relates to Hoffman’s situation because it could make someone feel lost, confused, or frustrated. We were all born not knowing how to communicate, read, or write. Just like Hoffman, we all had to learn how to understand others. Literacy is important so that we could make sense of the things happening all around us.
When I joined school, I was four years old and had no clue of how to read or write letters. Some students were ahead of me because they learned how to do some of these things even before coming to school, but I didn’t. I knew how to talk of course, but I didn’t have the brightest vocabulary since I didn’t know many words. During my first two years of school, we were required to practice writing letters of the alphabet. I didn’t realize that those letters were things that I would be using for the rest of my life. I slowly began to excel at letters so we started making words out of them. Because we didn’t know much as kids, our teachers had to explain what each word meant and how to use them. We began to receive assignments that required us to write on our own, ...

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...cher I didn’t feel encouraged to. Some people seem to find reading and writing interesting while others find math interesting. No matter which subject I am best at I need to teach myself how important it is to be excellent at every subject.
In conclusion, literacy has done so much to make me the person that I am today. The way I speak, read, write, are all things that I learned from literacy. Throughout my life I have learned to improve my skills and I hope to continue learning in order to become better. With more practice throughout my life I hope to become a successful person with a bright intelligence. Just like how people have to learn new languages, we have to learn all of our strategies for literacy. In the future, I hope that people realize what literacy does for us and our future. It’s amazing how much literacy impacts our lives. What would we do without it?

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