Essay about How Literacy Has Played A Big Part Of My Life

Essay about How Literacy Has Played A Big Part Of My Life

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Literacy has always played a big part in my life. My mom is an ESOL teacher, so she as amazing when it came to teaching me. She taught me the alphabet and during my whole lifetime, she has helped me with my grammar. As a child, I used to watch a Sesame Street and use a program called “Baily’s Book House.” Sesame Street and Baily’s Book house both helped me learn the alphabet and other vocabulary words. When I was two, I started preschool at my synagogue. In preschool, I continued to learn the alphabet and I learned to recognize my name.
Reading has always been a big part in my life. When my mom was pregnant with me she used to read to my older brother, so in a way she was reading to me too. When I was a toddler, my favorite books were Dr. Seuss books. Both of my parents would read to my brother and I. To this day, my dad still has our old favorite Dr. Seuss books memorized just because we made him read them to us so many times. My grandparents watched my brother and I a lot while my mom and dad worked. They would read to us all the time.
I started kindergarten at my local elementary school. In kindergarten, I had Ms. Hickman, the best kindergarten teacher. She taught me how to write my name. On Dr. Seuss
Day, we did a fun activity where we read Green Eggs and Ham. After reading the books she showed us how to make green eggs and ham. Looking back on it now it was weird to eat green eggs, but it was memorable. Later that year, I took the PALS test. I don’t remember much about it, but I know I did well. My second grade teacher was the teacher that made the biggest impact on my life. She made learning fun and she was a very calm teacher. In second grade, we had a fifth grade reading buddy. Once a week, they wo...

... middle of paper ... to improve their writing and I will strive to make reading and writing fun. I will give my students regular reading homework, so that when I read with them individually in class I will be able to see progress. I will have my students keep a daily journal, which they can write anything that they want to talk about. I will give them prompts so they have ideas to write about and have them do reading related projects. The biggest influence in my life when it comes to reading and writing is my mom. I will take all of the grammar rules she taught me into my classroom. I plan on being a positive role model for my students. I will try to be as happy as I can when teaching, because I want my future students to enjoy what they are learning. It’s important for me to make my students feel like they are at home and I want them to feel comfortable in my classroom.

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