How Lean Manufacturing Evolved After World War II Essay

How Lean Manufacturing Evolved After World War II Essay

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As we all know that lean manufacturing evolved after World War II because of Toyota. Toyota was a car manufacturing company without resources and capital trying to survive and compete with its peers. Adams, J. (2006). Over the centuries before World War II during the production of goods and services the causes of wastes have never been identified or focused on, this ignorance has led to more production cost and financial loss which companies have not been able to afford. Therefore, this led Toyota to develop and implement a new way of thinking. This new method of thinking is called lean manufacturing. These lean techniques are tools that help the organization transform its entire culture to focus mostly on eliminating waste, reducing costs and meeting the customer’s needs in order to gain profits. Stenzel. J (2008). Eliminating waste is very important in lean manufacturing. Another name for waste is called Muda in Japanese.
In The Toyota production system Muda is something that does not add value to the production of goods and services because consumers are unwilling to pay for it, so it must be eliminated. The Toyota production system believes that the only way a company will achieve financial success is to eliminate waste so as to reduce cost of production. The eight types of waste as discovered by Taiichi Ohno in the Toyota industries are over production, over processing, waiting, defects, underutilization of human skills, transports, excess inventory and unnecessary motion. Liker & Meier (2006).
Overproduction is the most deadly type of waste that can occur because it leads to the other types of waste that includes transportation, waiting, over processing, defects, unnecessary motion and excess inventory. H...

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...uirement of our customers in terms of quantity demanded and then set up our operations to meet the requirements. Liker & Meier (2006).
The 5S methods of Eliminating Waste
The 5S methods are tools that seek to eliminate the waste of motion, waiting and defects. The 5S can also be used to eliminate the eight types of waste. Fein, M (2015).The full meaning of the 5S are Seiri means sort, Seiton - straighten, Seiso means shine, Seiketsu means standardize and Shitsuke means sustain.
Sort: This is the first step of the 5S and it explains that materials, equipment that are rarely used in the production process should be cleared out by red-tagging. Red- tagging is when materials are placed in the closest, nearest or distance location depending on the quantity, frequency of how they are often used and needed. Each step is completed before the next step. Fein, M (2015).

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