Essay on How Leadership Is An Integral Part Of Management

Essay on How Leadership Is An Integral Part Of Management

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I want to be a leader because I agree with Gandhi (2015) when he said “be the change you wish to see in the world”. I am very passionate about helping nurture students’ love for learning. Leaders have the ability to affect all students in their school and I want to help create a culture and climate that fosters student success. Throughout this course, I have learned about many aspects of management that a principal is responsible and accountable for undertaking. I was very interested to learn how leadership is an integral part of management and how the values and vision leaders use to make decisions are what determine their success. Policy and procedures are in place to ensure there is consistency and accountability throughout the education system. How leaders interpret and implement policy is based on their values. Class discussions and presentations made me reflect on my values as a leader and how I will apply them when managing a school.
I have learned many things from this course. By listening to other teachers’ school situations, I am able to acquire new ideas for my classroom and my school. It is also encouraging to learn that many of the initiatives my school has implemented are supported by research as are many of the teaching methods I use in my classroom. The research about High School Redesign is promising and validating to the work my school is doing (Alberta Education, 2009a). My school has found the project to be successful thus far. It is helpful to gain more insight into other opportunities available for my school to consider by reading research and hearing what my classmates are doing in their schools. I value using research based methods to ensure we are teaching students the most effective way possible.

... middle of paper ... environment conducive to their growth. Mentorship opportunities and reasonable workloads are critical to a beginning teacher’s success.
There are many managerial elements that a principal must undertake. Completing these tasks is vital for a school to operate. The values used when making decisions on management are what make a leader. The successful interplay between management and leadership is a key factor of school leaders’ effectiveness. Now that I have taken this class I feel more prepared to undertake the Leadership Dimension 6- Managing School Operations and Resources as identified in the Principal Quality Practice Guideline: Promoting Successful School Leadership in Alberta (Alberta Education, 2009b). This one dimension can take a large portion of a principal’s time, however, the choices made regarding management affect the school and students’ learning.

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