Essay on How Laws Impact Business in Haiti

Essay on How Laws Impact Business in Haiti

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Law is not as indispensable as the air we breathe, the foods we eat; therefore, it is very similar based on its importance. A society ensures its natural welfare though peace and prosperity; which, it is in turn guaranteed by the strict applications of laws. As social being, people may find themselves in specific issues that require particular conditions (regulation or rules) to set agreements etc. Consequently, law influences every aspect of life. The laws sometimes serve us as guidelines, preventive measures and also as conditions to deal with people, solve conflict, litigation and the like. In business, laws are imbedded in almost all processes or procedures. Anything has to be taken seriously; since there is always a law which defines its power, its criteria and so on. Due to the holistic implication of law in the business environment of any country in the world; Business Law has emerged as a noticeable field of study. That’s the reason why; this paper aims to describe three ways in which laws exert its effects on business in a specific country -Haiti. Furthermore, it tends to depict the nature and the sources of the law; it will give possible reasons for the law. It also plans to describe the positive and the negative impacts of laws on business. And then, it suggests ways the law should be improved.

The first way laws affect business in Haiti refers as the starting of the company; that is, in the creation process of the company. For starting a business in Haiti, the Haitian law requires many processes; which has significant impacts on the business environment of the country. Those laws summarize the starting process of a company in twelve (12) procedures. Those procedures last at least 105 days and cost abou...

... middle of paper ...

...e Haitian Constitution of 1987 and other regulations like the Laws on Investments etc. While the positive impacts of the laws are considerable; the negative one are noticeable as well. The laws are considered as barriers for the growth of the economy. It kills the entrepreneurial spirit of the nation. The most effective suggestions would be to free the economy, to eliminate the (bad) laws which impede the potentials of the business environment.

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