Essay about How Language Is Important For Language Education

Essay about How Language Is Important For Language Education

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There are many things wrong with the world right now and that does not exclude the US, while there are many issues with dealing with an increasingly global society but none of them are as easy to fix and as urgent reforming language education. Although it is important for language to be standardized so that we can all understand each other, the state of language education is holding back non-native and native speakers alike.
The thought that there is only one set, unevolving way to speak is harmful to society. Language has always been a constantly changing idea, new languages would grow and others would die. They would be born, die and evolve with the need of society. It is something we as humans will always have to enable us to communicate with each other but and is closely tied to our identities as evident that there are so many different languages. Our languages are not static they are alive and grow and change with us. When one language stops changing it ceases to live. So, through all of this why does modern society try so very hard to make it into an unnatural static state? Amy Tan in Mother Tongue called this state of English as “achievement test English”. Therein lies the central issue, in order to test something it has to be presented as fact, something that cannot change. This causes the dilemma that Tan observed in her text, 2 separate languages both called “English” but both vastly different from one another. You do not have to be a foreigner to see this either, the slang filled language Americans use day to day is not the same that was taught to them. Baldwin in “If Black English Isn’t a Language, Then Tell Me, What Is?” questioned if they would even be considered to be one single language and challenged that there is...

... middle of paper ... does nothing but harm the individual when it does not have to be like this if we just accepted language as it naturally is, fluid and ever changing.
The necessity for a standardized way of speaking is indisputable but as a society we have taken this idea to a place where it doesn’t need to be and makes it hard and toxic for everyone. The problem is that as a species we are always trying to find the right way and say that this is how everyone should be that is just human nature but, paradoxically this harms the individual by ignoring that language can’t be the same. Language is an avenue for us to express and connect but no one person is the same and no one has the same experiences to express so language must evolve to accommodate new ideas so trying to make language fit a mold that we are taught leads to also stopping people from expressing their individuality.

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