How Language Acquisition Will Be Motivation Essay

How Language Acquisition Will Be Motivation Essay

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People have been interested for thousands of years in how babies seem to be so effortlessly and universally successful in learning their first language. After many years of research, linguists today believe that first language acquisition is the result of a complex set of factors which make unique contributions (and which undoubtedly operate interactively with each other).
According to the latest research, perhaps the most important of these factors is the innate capacity all human brains have at birth to process language. Even early like the time when babies are still in the womb. DeCasper & Fifer (1980) stated that the exposure to the mother’s voice during the third trimester has a significant impact on babies’ language acquisition in the future. On the other hand, researchers also show that parents’ baby talk has direct influence on babies’ language development (McElroy, 2014; Gros-Louis, West, King, 2016). Another factor that has a huge impact on language acquisition will be motivation. No matter what country or race the baby from, motivation just appears while language is learning from human. Finally, the last factor that affects first language acquisition is the body of a baby. Since babies cannot express their feeling and needs, their helpless bodies force babies to listen and watch how others are talking. During this period, babies will use bodies to express feeling instead of using language (Priscilla, 2012). Therefore, first language acquisition is not happen in one day but through the time in womb, parent’s baby talk, motivation, and babies’ bodies are four of the factors that play an important role in the development.
First language can be learned without any problems because babies start to hear what their parents t...

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...pless bodies so that when the time they are able to produce sounds, they can imamate the adults.
After all discussions above, it is obviously that first language acquisition involves many areas. Early as the time when baby is in womb, the hearing system prepare baby to recognize the native language. Then, the babies’ helpless bodies help them to produce the first different crying sounds. After that, when babies start to babbling with parents, baby talk is another ways to raise babies’ attention on learning the language. Finally, babies find there are motivation everywhere to encourage them to speak, and to communicate with others. They learn language in the L1 environment. Therefore, they are much willing to learn a language to become one of the members of this society. Regarding to all the factors above, L1 acquisition is never going to be fail in the world.

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