How Lack Of Communication Between Nurses Essay

How Lack Of Communication Between Nurses Essay

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It is apparent that nurses face many challenges while becoming and being a nurse. Like in any occupation, there are some aspects that are more challenging to achieve, but that does not give permission to downplay the importance of these challenging tasks. I see barriers in communication, between nurses, as one of the main challenges that nurses will face. Why? Because there is so much for nurses to talk about. Nurses are always talking if not with each other then with patients and family. There are skills that a nurse can learn and study, but I believe that communication, is a skill that needs to be accomplished through practice, and will only improve with experience. I have discover only a few examples of how lack of communication between nurses can affect not only the relationships within the workplace, but the care for the clients as well. I assume that communication is not on the top of the list of skills that a nurse would described as being a challenge. However, it seems to be one of the biggest underlying reasons as too why problems or errors occur in health care. There have been many cases of medical errors took place due to miscommunication between nurses, such as giving an improper dosage of a medication. Miscommunication between nurses is very likely to occur if proper knowledge of the English literature is lacking (Paul 2013). Hou, Chang, Chan, & Dykes further support my idea of language being, a main challenge in communication by discussing how it has been a struggle to create standard medical terminology to help create a universal understanding of nursing (2013). For example, nurses who are from another country may have to learn English. Furthermore, the challenge of recognizing how one interacts with another individ...

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..., but that of the mind and spirit of an individual as well. . Like I mentioned previously, I believe that communication is a skill. We learn as nurses to wok as a team to provide the best care possible. It is essential to understand the significance in other peoples opinions, beliefs values and ways of life, because it alouds you to better understand that individual. Also, nurses need to learn how to communicate online and use social media. Technology and nurse informatics in the wave of the future. In this essay, I have proved that miscommunication happens and can be prevented. I may not be an expert nurse yet but I am a nursing student learning about it. Unfortunately, health care professionals “badmouthing” or making degrading comments about other health care professionals is very common, and nursing students are being exposed to it during their practice (Ingram).

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