Essay about How Jesse Should Follow Is Determining The People

Essay about How Jesse Should Follow Is Determining The People

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The process that Jesse should follow is determining the people to interview first. This process will include determine exactly whom is more important to get information from and getting the best information from them. I think for this project we can generically select people from the organizational chart listed for this class. The interviews will be with formal people and informal people within the company. Sometimes the informal structure has more knowledge over the formal structure people in the company (shelly, 2011). These interviews will be conducted one on one with each of the people listed, since group interviews may cause other problems (shelly, 2011). The second step in this interview process consists of establishing the objectives for the interview, since we know whom we are going to interview. This stage we will gather all the necessary information or questions we want to ask. The questions could be based upon the information we need to obtain. According to the person and the role it will be the question for the interview. Typically the interview questions are broader in the early stages of the interview process (shelly, 2011). As the questioning moves forward we can tailor the questions specifically to the person. The next stage in this process I would be going to suggests Jesse, is to develop the interview questions that we are going to ask. Because building a foundation for the questions would help us to narrow down the results we would need later. This list of questions can be referred to later by cross-referencing them with others in that same department. There may be an instance a question solicits more than one response and other follow up questions may be necessary. In addition, this interview will contain ope...

... middle of paper ... hardware will we need? Robert Stacy
How much time will it take to build a web site? Tamisha spencer
Are there any on going operational costs? Tom Kleeman
Will there be a technical support team once the TIMS system is in place? Natalie Ware
Where will the system be housed and will there are any maintenance fees? Leslie hall
How many students on average attend in a year? Amy Hawkins
What is the average tuition rate? Waylon white
When can the production begin? Marge Clark
When will the production be completed and running? , Dave spencer
What types of instructional information will be added? Janet Gannon
The Result of the Interview:
After each interview it will be necessary to summarize all the findings. These findings will be summarized with an email document or a memo to be distributed to the necessary people within the project or the stakeholders of the project.

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