How Is Science Different From Religion? How Are They Similar? Essay

How Is Science Different From Religion? How Are They Similar? Essay

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Historically, religious groups did not show immediate acceptance of some scientific discoveries as supported by Carl Sagan statement in Hawking’s God Delusion, “how is it that hardly any major religion looked at science and concluded this is better than we thought!” [5]The conflict between science and religion was initially demonstrated by how the church’s persecution of Galileo after his publications of how the earth is not the centre of the universe but the sun is. Bowler states that this showed that the church did not want their religious texts to be reinterpreted, just because science states that their beliefs must be wrongs, however science came to authority by challenging most of these religious beliefs. [4]
Religion is characterised by having faith or believing in an unseen deity. Its beliefs are mainly based on revelations from a “superhuman controlling power” (oxford dictionary) or a personal God.[1] These revelations are believed to be inherited by descendants of each generation in a form of religious text, for example the Bible or spiritually received through prayer. In contrast science, which studies the forces of nature and its development, has beliefs mainly based on the analysis of hard-core evidence and believes in the non-existence of a supernatural power. The denotation of science and religion makes them appear completely incompatible; however, they both to some extent have a similar objective which is to get a better understanding of the universe. On the other hand, the contradictions between the two disciplines have been extant for many decades and with the continuation of the debates between science and religion, it seems inconceivable that they ...

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...eal truth of how the universe originated. Each of their ideas is correct if explained using their separate beliefs. They both explain the same universe in different ways. This is an example of how they are similar.
To summarise the main argument of this essay, science and religion are not completely incompatible and many scholars believe so (Haught). They may have a similar goal but the debate between faith and evidence will find it very hard to come to an overall agreement. In the modern world of today, science barely uses any religious beliefs in their discipline and the church has come to slightly accept the existence of science even though it still does not agree with its theories despite them having evidence. In conclusion science theories will never be correct if interpreted religiously and religious beliefs will never be correct if explained scientifically.

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