How Is Odysseus A Portrait Of Ideal Human Figure For The Greeks? Essay

How Is Odysseus A Portrait Of Ideal Human Figure For The Greeks? Essay

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Exam 1
4.) Discuss the specific arête of Odysseus. How is Odysseus a portrait of ideal human figure for the Greeks? How does his interaction with the divine realm (i.e. gods and goddesses) play a role in this portrait?
In the Odyssey, Odysseus has many arête characteristics throughout the epic. He is considered a hero and has become the definition of arête in many ways. He exudes valor with the way that he faces danger during his ten year voyage; where he encounters many dangerous situations. He speaks to his men when they encounter another dangerous situation and says to them “Come on, men, this isn’t the first time we’ve run into trouble. This can’t be worse than when the cyclops with his brute strength had us penned in his cave. We got out by my courage and fast thinking. One day we’ll look back on this. Now let’s do this I say” (317) He says these words to remind his men of everything they have already overcome. He wants them to remember when they were able to conquer the cyclops who is so strong he is almost considered a god and is the son of Poseidon. Odysseus portrays what a true leader should look like when he says these words along with many other heroic words he has spoken throughout the epic. Odysseus exemplifies virtue throughout the story by trying to do the next right thing and seeking spiritual guidance from Athena. He is extremely loyal to his wife, Penelope and his son. When he is away, the one thing that keeps him going is knowing that he will be back with his family if he survives.
Odysseus plays the role of an ideal human figure for the Greeks because he has a lot of spiritual qualities about himself that make him a good individual to get guidance from. When he leaves Ithaca on his ten year voyage he has a goo...

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...pears and lets him down gently. She also becomes an advisor to Telemachus in his long search for his father. No matter what obstacles came in the way of Telemachus, Athena did not allow those problems to deter him from finding his father. In a way I find that Athena is a great source of help for both Odysseus and his son, she almost becomes both of their intuition. Both of them seek a spiritual connection and Athena helps them along the way helping their spirituality grow stronger. People with great spiritual strength can be stronger in all the ways that we define who Odysseus is. He is strong in character and physical strength because of his spirituality. Throughout the epic, Odysseus gets stronger and stronger because both his faith and his physical strength are being tested. This is what gets him through his journey of making back home so his son , wife and home.

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