Essay on How Is Nursing Productivity Measured On Your Unit? How

Essay on How Is Nursing Productivity Measured On Your Unit? How

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1. How is nursing productivity measured on your unit? How is this data utilized on your unit? Do the individual staff nurses understand what their unit 's measurements are?
Sara says, “We measure productivity based on our set HPPD (hours per patient day). This is our set cores staffing numbers that fluctuate with our census. So as our census moves we adjust our staffing needs. Staff are aware of the importance of following the guidelines to ensure that we stay within budget. Our charge nurses are a little bit more versed on the subject as they are responsible for adjusting staff throughout the shift as our census changes. We have a cheat sheet grid on our assignments sheet as well as a more detailed grid that we keep in the charge reference binder that helps guide the charge nurse with how many staff we call for at each patient census level. For the most part the general staff understand that we always work hard at filling our beds as quickly as possible so that we can keep our staff.”
2. How does lateral violence impact your organization?
Sara says, “Lateral violence is not tolerated within our walls at this time. Several years back work was done by the CNS team to look at bullying behaviors. The majority of leaders have attended workshops to combat this. Occasionally there will be an issue when stakes are high and tempers flare, but we do have a peer review process for nurses and physicians to address the issue. Leadership has an open door policy and seek feedback from the nursing staff if behaviors are not appropriate. The patient experience team promotes “ CUS ing” at our coworkers to impact the patient experience. CUS stands for- “ I’m concerned…. “,” Uncomfortable….” “ Safety issue…”

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...In addition, I attended an interview session for a staff in trauma unit that applied to work in critical care unit. The interview was not comprehensive since the RN is requesting for unit transfer. My take home from the interview is who the charge nurse considers as a successful nurse. She says, “a successful nurse is one who is open to learning new things, turns in paper work on time, and a team player.”
Furthermore, I attended management meeting about RN skin assessment and intervention class. St. Vincent wants their RN to know and understand the importance of Braden risk assessment for all the patients admitted to any unit, and appropriately document their findings to prevent skin breakdown, differentiate types of wounds & skin lesions, differentiate stages of pressure wound progression, and implement appropriate nursing interventions for wound care & management.

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