Essay on How Is College Affordable By Reducing It 's Demand

Essay on How Is College Affordable By Reducing It 's Demand

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How to Make College Affordable by Reducing it’s Demand
The demand for a college education has erupted in the past fifty years, but because of this sudden demand many problems have surfaced. The cost of a college education has increased dramatically often becoming unaffordable for many students. While the demand has increased and so has the cost, the college system needs to address the many issues students are facing in this time of their life. With many factors causing the cost of a college education to rise, problems like an increased demand for a college education needs to be addressed by increasing the focus on vocational training, decreasing the amount of jobs that require a college education, and decreasing the amount of financial aid for college students.
One way that the government could lower the cost of college tuition by decreasing the demand for a college education by putting the vocational training system into effect. Vocational training is allowing grade students to choose their preferred career path and receive classes and training specifically for their desired career. This helps students that do not need to attend college for their career path enter the work force immediately after their high school graduation. The vocational training system is often found in African and European countries and has been very effective with the countries that use the vocational training system correctly. I have a friend that lives in Germany which is one of the European countries that uses vocational training and he personally favors the vocational system because right after high school he can begin his career with all the knowledge he needs for his job. Vocational training makes attending college for occupations that need extensive ...

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...ining system. If student loans and grant become more difficult to receive and the demand for college education remains the same many people will not be able to receive the college education they need in order to find a good job.
In conclusion, the demand and cost for a college education has increased dramatically and is often unaffordable for many students. With many factors causing the cost of a college education to rise, problems like an increased demand for a college education needs to be reduced by increasing the focus on vocational training, decreasing the amount of jobs that require a college education, allowing government funded scholarships, and reducing the amount of financial aid given out. If all three of these topics are put in effect college will become more affordable for the students that need to receive a college education for their desired career.

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