Essay on How Interviews Can Be Improved By Providing Structure

Essay on How Interviews Can Be Improved By Providing Structure

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   The authors of this review disseminated the idea that interviews could be improved by providing structure to them. This review describes, integrates and evaluates the many ways that interviews can be structured and analyzes its impact on various forms of validity, eligibility and user reactions.()By incorporating structure in the interview process, this article unravels the resulting increase of psychometric properties that are achieved by increasing standardization, use of job analysis and statistical procedures . The review delineates 15 components of structure that could be imperative in enhancing the content and evaluation of the interview processes .   
It complements previous narrative reviews and past meta-analytic reports, by focusing on the psychometric consequences of these 15 components of structure, as opposed to just the behavioral and cognitive consequences.  
The first component focuses on the base questions on a job analysis and elaborates on the importance of job analysis as being one of the basic requirements for developing valid selection procedures. The paper further explains that whether based on formal procedures or critical incidents, job analysis needs to be supplemented with information on job-related content and tasks in order to reduce deficiency and contamination(). The second component is based on the standardization of questioning in the interview that  helps ease candidate comparisons and thus enhances the consistency and validity of the interview(Otis, 1944). The third component deals with how the use of prompts and follow up questions could be a form of biased information gathering by the interviewers (Dipboye, 1994). The fourth component deals with the use of better types of questions and thei...

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...res and familiarizes the interviewer with various tools and procedures that could help create an unbiased structured interview from rapport building to writing interview questions and evaluating answers.
Overall, the article provides rationale for selecting each specific assessment tool and                                          
There should be rationale for selecting each specific assessment tool 
less tendency to discriminate and less prom=ne to bias and more fairness- 
eeo bias 
Improving Employment Interviews. (2004, May 20). Retrieved from  
-Regarding content, the use of job analysis, same questions, and better questions appear more important than other components.Regarding evaluation, rating each answer or having multiple scales, using anchored scales, and training appear more important.

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