How Internet Has Impacted The World Essay

How Internet Has Impacted The World Essay

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Internet has definitely greatly impacted the way the global market works. Trading went from being something that required travel and a lot of money to process to something that many individuals can pull up on their savvy smart phones and receive with a small shipping price. Such a grand transformation makes an individual wonder how far this technology will go and how far some countries will take it. Bangladesh, Vietnam, and China are among some of the countries that have the worst sweatshop situations. They are manufacturing such a large amount paying people way beyond our standard minimum wage in the United States. However, the government should not intervene and allow the market to regulate itself due to the possible negative outcomes of the action.
Every country does things their own way, and if the western world chose to interfere, these countries can face possible war. Some wars, when the country is being threatened or can possibly gain something, are necessary, but if the country is simply going to war to try to change the way another country runs, it is pointless. The fact that Bangladesh, Vietnam, and China allow for such sweatshops is their business. If they are making more business due to it then that is their immoral gain. It is not fair to fight a country in order to get them to change their regulations. Some countries clearly have much more moral sense than others, but another cannot be punished for creating their immoral customs if that is the way they choose to function. If those sweatshop countries decided one day to intervene with the way the western countries run their world, it would be the same thing. Some things that are seen as “normal” in one country can seem completely unacceptable in another. This world w...

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... even imagine how he would be nearly as successful without the use of the internet. In a way, the internet allows him to expand his prosperous mind to come up with ways to make money. Many other creators of social media and such have been seen becoming highly accredited for what they have done.
The internet has positively influenced the global market although many countries are using the method in an immoral way. Without the risks of government intervention, countries can take other steps to regain their dominance in the global market the correct way and perhaps even stop the sweatshop countries from running things the way they do. Little things make a big difference, and the little influences can change the way the world runs for the better. Government force is not an influential method considering that there are other ways to make the countries run much smoother.

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